Krishi Nutrition Company is formed by a team of Professionals having vast experience in the Industry.

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Animal Feed Products

Products offered by Krishi Nutrition Company include Scientifically formulated well balanced premium Cattle Feeds, Broiler Feed and Layer Feeds. The Feeds are manufactured with Best quality raw materials. The Nutrition experts Educational qualification, Industry and field experience have been put to best use for well balancing the formulation to give best performance in the farms. The Teams Customer Centricity focuses on Quality Products, best service levels and thus to achieve customer delight.

Quality and Feed Safety Policy

KRISHI NUTRITION COMPANY PRIVATE LIMITED is committed to manufacture and supply of Quality and Safe Cattle, Poultry and fish feeds by

  • Framing Quality and Feed Safety objectives for all Business Process.
  • Satisfying Farmers/Customers by adopting Nutritional specifications and applicable Legal requirements.
  • Continually improving our Quality and Feed Safety Management System.

Cattle Feeds
  • KNC Bypass+ Pellet

This is a premium Brand Cattle Feed meant for hybrid animals. Such high yielding Animals need high nutritive feed with high quality premium Protein in good quantity. Such a Protein diet need to be given with Bye pass value ( Bye Pass Protein ) so that it is fully utilized by the animal and best results are achieved. This feed meets all the nutritive requirement and hence nutritive deficiency diseases are avoided is another Plus point. It ensures proper nourishment for Animal Health, Milk production as per genetic Potential of the Animal and and proper reproduction.

  • KNC Special Pellet

It is a good quality Feed meant for Dairy Animals yielding 8 to 10 Lts of Milk per day.It provides adequate nutrients for Health, Milk Production and reproduction purposes

  • KNC Calf Starter

Is a specially formulated Calf Feed for its proper growth. This feed helps in achieving good growth and puberty in time. The calf grows as a well fed fully grown Milking Animal to give best Milk production possible as per its genetic potential.

Poultry Feeds
  • Broiler Feeds

Krishi Broiler Feeds are of highest quality standard to give best Cost Benefit ratio in the farms. Best quality handpicked raw materials, by a well designed formulation, are processed with advanced technology manufacturing process. The Feeds are enriched with all essential Amino acids, Minerals, Vitamins, enzymes, preventive medicines and other required Feed additives.

‘Krishi’ Broiler Feeds are basically designed and manufactured in Crumbs and Pellet forms for homogeneous distribution of essential ingredients and nutrients for Best results.

Broiler Pre Starter Crumble Feed is meant for chicks till the age of 10 days.
Broiler Starter Crumble Feed is for growing birds of 11 – 24 days of age.
Broiler Finisher Pellet Feed is for birds from 25 days of age till marketing.

  • Layer Feeds

'Krishi' Layer Feeds are of excellent quality and made available at affordable prices. Fortified with essential vitamins, Minerals, Calcium, Phosphorous and other required enzymes, ‘Krishi’ Layer Feeds ensures best Possible HHP. Layer Feeds are available in different variants like Layer Starter Crumble, Layer Grower Crumble and Layer Mash.