Krishi Nutrition Company is formed by a team of Professionals having vast experience in the Industry.

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Animal Feeds

The Animal Feed Business will include manufacturing and marketing of the following Feeds.

  • Cattle Feed
  • Broiler Feed
  • Layer Feed
  • Quail Feed
  • Fish Feed
  • Feed for Sheep and Goat

The Feeds are manufactured at Modern factories with best Laboratory facilities. Quality of the Products and Service are the focus in ‘Krishi’. Customer Centricity approach is the key to our Business in mutual interest and the entire team strive to achieve this.

Commodity Trading

In due course we plan to enter in to commodity trading. This is basically to make certain essential commodities available for Poultry Farmers who make their own feed with locally available or home grown own grains during seasons. This will help those set of Farmers make feed during seasons of own farm grain availability and try to achieve better economics. This is being looked at more of a service to our valued customers during certain months when they need such support.

Also Farmers need help in selecting Best quality Raw materials at a competitive price and supply through a reliable source. So ‘Krishi’ will strive to fulfil that requirement for a long term relationship with Farmers.

Agricultural Inputs

Our next expansion will be in Agricultural sector. India being a major Agri based country the scope to work with Farmers is very high here. The initial focus of ‘Krishi’ would be in organic inputs for cultivation. We plan to cater to the Organic Manure and other organic input needs of the Farmers. The organic inputs enriches the soil and increases the productivity.

In the process Farmers will be able to produce chemical free food grains, vegetables and Fruits. Such farm produces are in demand in this health conscious era and so will fetch them good price and better profits.